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Please excuse the construction! Please come back soon to learn about our various services!

E.L.I. Productions is a boutique production and consulting agency made up of a team of diverse experts who specialize in helping our clients (executives, authors, speakers, and business leaders) capture the attention of and Engage with your audience, Leverage your reach, and Impact your legacy in a time where ATTENTION is currency and when the world needs more positive voices sharing powerful stories.  

By producing the assets that bring more eyes and ears to your story and brand, namely video production, producing and hosting your show to be streamed on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku, book publishing and PR support, he help you create instant credibility, authority and influence in your industry.

Do you dream of hosting/producing your own show, but have no idea where to begin? What about becoming a bestselling author with your name in lights in Times Square? Or how about speaking in the media, or gracing a TED talk stage?


We have you covered.  

We truly are the full package. But we also have an additional secret sauce that can become your secret weapon in standing out above the rest.


We not only support you in expanding your reach and fulfilling your dreams with these tools. We also have the added expertise of media training and coaching on how to present more confidently and dynamically on camera and on stage, so that when the media comes calling, or when you have the opportunity to speak on any size stage, you are able to confidently command the room and engage your audience like a world-class performer.

You are meant to make a big impact and change lives for the better while also fulfilling your moonshot goals.

Stop being the world's best kept secret.


Step up the mic. The world is waiting. 

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