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Show coming soon! Sharing stories of reinvention, recalibration and reignition! 


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"The course of our lives and who we 'be' can be ANYTHING, no matter the 'when', or perceived handicap (too old/too young, too fat/too skinny, lack of opportunities, gender, financial status...the list goes on and on.).

We do not only have dreams in childhood of what we want to be 'when we grow up'. We can dream and reinvent, recalibrate and reignite our ourselves with purpose and passion, and begin fully living our legacy, no matter our timing. This is your #nextact."
~ Elizabeth de Moraes
Host & Producer of The Next Act

The idea of The Next Act was birthed by Host and Producer, Elizabeth de Moraes, out of her love of stories of people defying the odds by pivoting out of the status quo (career, age, ability, etc.) and into their aligned purpose and passions.

Whether it is the story of a professional dancer, who, almost two decades ago, gave it all up to raise a family and, in her 50's, decided to put those dance shoes back on and now feels more alive and aligned than ever.

Or, the young Corporate America employee, who during the pandemic, decided he wasn't satisfied with his life and left to follow a dream of starting his own business and is now on his way to a $1 million year while also living out his purpose. 

Or, the 60 year old who was recently downsized from Corporate America and who boldly stepped into turning his consulting hobby into a thriving consulting business that now gives him and his family complete time and financial flexibility without having to rely on a boss to determine his future. 

Or, a top ranking international tennis player from Mexico who decided to step away and pursue her passion to become a lawyer and help people in family law, and now leads one of the most successful bi-lingual law firms in her city, helping countless families and individuals live better lives. 

The list goes on an on. 

And it is these are the stories Elizabeth wants to tell. 


As a result, she set out to create something of her own #nextact that would accomplish two things:


1. highlight amazing people's stories who have pivoted and boldly stepped into their purpose, which they then can utilize for marketing to bring more awareness to the masses, expanding their impact and income, and

2. through those stories, inspire others to change their paradigm, or the the lens of how they view their lifetimes and of what is possible for them to then take action.

All it takes is you courageous bold step into your next act.

And so The Next Act™ Show was born.

You will be able to watch/hear the show on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more as they are rolled out! STAY TUNED for the launch!


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