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The Next Act™ Project


In today's fast-paced world and Attention Economy, competition for consumer attention is fierce for executives, authors, speakers, and business leaders. People are bombarded with endless choices and marketing noise, so to truly stand out, it's not enough to rely on advertising and social media along. Consumers want to know the story, background and values behind the brands they buy from.


That's why leveraging being seen, heard and noticed on bigger platforms is so important.

At E.L.I. Productions, we believe that the answer lies in leveraging multiple platforms to tell your story, so that you become OMNIPRESENT, expand your following and increase your business. Television, writing books, speaking on stages, and being in the media can help you position and catapult yourself as a thought leader in your industry.


That's why we created our full service signature VIP suite program, The Next Act™ Project: a show streaming on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku, and a bestselling anthology book featuring leaders, speakers, and business owners sharing their stories of challenges, pivots, reinventions, setbacks, and triumphs. Not only will you gain this experience and assets to use in your will leave transformed, ready to catapult to your next level of success, impact and income. 


By participating in The Next Act™ Project, your story will be filmed, edited into a segment of The Next Act™ Show, and transcribed into a guaranteed bestselling book with the other participating trailblazers. These will become your calling cards, helping you gain more media appearances and speaking engagements. Additionally, your TV appearance will be distributed on recognized media outlets and streamed on the popular streaming platforms of Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV (with more to come), AND you will receive guaranteed media coverage on CBS, NBC, FOX and 250+ media outlets around the world. giving your brand instant credibility and next-level positioning.


Not only will you get to tell your story, but you'll also receive consulting on how to captivate your audience, deliver powerfully on camera, confidently walk and answer questions on the red carpet and land high-profile stages like TEDx. Plus, you'll receive a done-with-you media kit to help with your PR, live and print media, and speaking outreach.


TV, books, speaking, media and print – all of these can help you stand out as a thought leader in your industry, giving you next-level positioning, instant credibility, and a rapid increase in your star-expert status. And with this, new opportunities and bigger stages will open for you, making your impact and income limitless.

What can all of this bring you?


✓  More visibility for your brand.


✓  More media appearances.


✓  More speaking opportunities.


✓  Instant credibility in your industry.

✓  More ease navigating live and recorded interviews on TV and the red carpet, helping you come across more confident, captivating and knowledgeable.


✓  A more meaningful legacy.

✓  Next level income. 


✓  Dreams fulfilled of being a star of your own show episode and a bestselling author.

This is exactly what The Next Act™ Project can bring you.

Take the next step in your journey and tell your story to the world. Apply now to be a part of The Next Act™ Project.

SPOTS ARE LIMITED: There are only 15 spots available, and we do not know when we will offer this again, so do not miss this opportunity to generate buzz, expand your exposure and compete for attention more effectively by being a part of The Next Act™ Project. 


The Assets you will gain to help you create more visibility and omnipresence in your industry:

✓  7-10 minute video of you telling your story and sharing your expertise for prospective clients to get to know you better and connect with you ($5000 value) - filmed May 6th, 2023 in Dallas, TX

✓  A fully edited professional headshot and a behind the scenes shot showing you on set ($250+ value)

✓  As part of The Next Act Show, your video to be streamed on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku ($5000+ value)

✓  Your story converted into a chapter of an anthology book with the other participants, promoted to bestseller ($5000 value)

✓  A personalized press release showcasing your participation in the project to use to share with your desired media outlets ($500+ value)

✓  Guaranteed "as seen on" publications in national media outlets: NBC, CBS and FOX and 250+ media outlets around the world (you will be able to add those media logos to your website) ($1500+ value)

✓  Done with you press kit with personalized pitch ideas ($1000 value)

✓  A sizzle reel to help you promote yourself and the project ($2500 value)

✓  A comprehensive guide on how to effectively plan your own book signing event ($200 value)

✓  10 complementary paperback copies of the anthology book with the ability to order more at the print price for your use for book signings, to sell, or use as a calling card for promotion ($150 value) 

On-set on the day of filming, you will receive:

✓  An individual VIP video shoot time with our crew in a state of the art studio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, to film your story. It will be done interview-style, with the questions edited out to create a seamless video for you to use as you desire for marketing, etc. 

($4000 value)


Hair and make up with our make up artists ($150 value)


✓  On-camera delivery coaching while being interviewed ($1000 value)


✓  Stylist on hand to make sure you look and feel fabulous on camera ($1000 value)


✓  Networking with the other participants (priceless) 

Before your filming, you will receive:

3 1:1 Sessions

✓  1:1 session with Elizabeth to cover best practices for on-camera delivery and interviewing as well as outlining what you want included in telling your story and the questions that will help cue you during filming ($1500 value)

✓  1:1 session with our PR expert to design and write 2 (possibly 3, if time allows) media pitches for your specific business/brand/story. ($1500 value)

✓  1:1 session with our Red Carpet Ready Interview expert to help you effectively answer questions about your specific area of expertise and/or product/services.($1500 value)

5 Masterclasses (both live and recorded)


✓  A masterclass on how to PR yourself by our PR expert ($1000 value)

✓  A masterclass on how to effectively tell your story by our storytelling expert ($1000 value)

✓  A masterclass on best practices to land and what to do once you have a landed high-profile speaking engagements by our speaker coach and 4-time TED speaker ($1000 value)

✓  A masterclass on best practices for effective red-carpet interviewing (how to answer questions, mental prep, body presence, how to work the camera, etc.) ($1000 value)


✓  A masterclass on best practices on how to style yourself, on brand while on camera with our stylist expert ($1000 value)




✓  A VIP private group dinner (and other surprises) Saturday evening of the shoot with red carpet interviews and photos and video for further ($500 value)

✓  Special guest interview appearance on Elizabeth's, The Next Act Show and Podcast, also streamed on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku ($1500 value)

✓  Time and headache saved in not doing all of this alone...coordination of all technical, production, knowledge, and network resources of designing and book publishing, video production. etc. of this project ($20,000+...of course this depends on how you value you time, so it may be even more!). Doing this all in one also will keep your messaging and look and feel consistent, which is paramount for catapulting yourself and your business forward. 

(TOTAL VALUE:  $58,750+)



(Payment plans available with a $1500 non-refundable deposit.)


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Executive Producer and Lead Coach

Elizabeth de Moraes

Elizabeth de Moraes, M.A., M.F.A., is a Presence and Performance Expert, Speaker, Bestselling Author, and host of the show, The Next Act™ Show, streaming on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku.


She is also the founder and CEO of E.L.I. Productions, an agency specialized in strategizing and creating visibility opportunities for your brand through video production, on-camera/Executive Presence consulting, and PR support.


Drawing from multiple decades of experience as an international performer on stage and in front of the camera as a dancer, choreographer and actor, she has helped speakers, authors, C-Suite executives, professional athletes and six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs, communicate in authentic, engaging and powerful ways in front of the camera in the media, in board rooms, and at corporate events, with the confidence and charisma of world-class performers.


Many of her clients have been featured in international company marketing messaging, media interviews, awards shows, and on networks such as Netflix, HGTV, and more around the globe.


Her passion is to help you unlock our own signature presence, be seen as the obvious leader and catapult your success on a national, or global scale, in the media, online, or ascending the corporate ladder. 

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If you are planning your travel from out of town to Dallas for the shoot and VIP dinner, you will find some recommended resources below.

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