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The Next Act™ Project

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In today's fast-paced world and Attention Economy, one must fiercely compete to be seen, heard and noticed, which means appearing on bigger platforms is paramount. At E.L.I. Productions, we believe that the answer lies in leveraging multiple platforms to tell your story. Television, writing books, speaking on stages, and being in the media can help you position and catapult yourself as a thought leader in your industry. That's why we created our full service signature VIP suite program, The Next Act™ Project: a show streaming on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku, and a bestselling anthology book featuring leaders, speakers, and business owners sharing their stories of challenges, pivots, reinventions, setbacks, and triumphs. By participating in The Next Act™ Project, your story will be filmed, edited into a segment of The Next Act™ Show, & transcribed into a bestselling book with the other participating trailblazers. These will become your calling cards, helping you gain more media appearances and speaking engagements. Additionally, your TV appearance will be distributed on recognized media outlets and streamed on the popular streaming platforms of Amazon Fire, Roku & Apple TV (with more to come). We are excited to welcome you! Upon purchasing, you agree to the Terms and Service

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